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Elk River Chiropractic Center

Dr. Lohr GTR® LABS replaced Dr. Lohr's conventional, 60 Hz x-ray generator with a new V-30 VALUEGEN®, 30 kW, High Frequency X-Ray Generator. This allowed Dr. Lohr to cut the radiation dose to his patients by up to 50% while improving his image quality and diagnostic capability. Compact, economical, and easy to operate, the V-30 reduced the footprint in the control booth by 75% thus giving Dr. Lohr additional floor space. The other components of his existing x-ray equipment, including the x-ray tube, were readily interfaced to the V-30 which has been specifically designed for this purpose.
William D. Lohr, D.C.
Graduate of the Palmer College of Chiropractic - 1980
Liscensed by the State of West Virginia since January, 1981
Member of ACA and ICA
Awarded ICA Advanced X-Ray Interpretation
Member of ACA Council on Diagnostic Imaging

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