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Patriarch Single Tube Radiographic

GTR Valuegen Generator
Patriarch offers High Frequency, DSP Technology at a 60Hz price

  • Excellent Accuracy, Reproducibility and Linearity
  • Automatic Calibration
  • Pulse Width Modulated with Closed Loop Feedback
  • Self Diagnostics with Error Code Reporting
  • Low Speed Rotor
  • APR Console included
  • Bucky Control included
  • Automatic Line Compensation
  • Large X-ray Tube Library
  • Software Configurable
  • ISO 9001:2000 with Design, CE Mark and UL 2601 Certification
  • FDA Approved
Utilizing DSP software control of the kVp waveform, Patriarch produces a square wave output with excellent linearity and reproducibility. The coefficient of variation between adjacent stations is less than 1%. Standard features included on all Patriarch generators are Self-Diagnostics with clearly defined Error Codes to guide the Service Technician, as well as AUTOCAL to increase productivity and reduce installation time. X-Ray tube characteristic curves are digitized and factory pre-loaded to provide ease of selection on installation as well as tube protection during operation. With step-by-step instructions from the Technical Manual the Patriarch generators are designed for a minimum of installation time. Opening the box to finishing calibration usually takes two hours or less. Using AUTOCAL, calibration takes less than 15 minutes.

Models Available: Patriarch 400, 500, 600
Download Patriarch Datasheet